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Online TDS Payment

About :

e-TDS return facility was provided by National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), on July 10, 2004. This facility enables users to upload e-TDS returns directly to TIN online system. e-TDS returns includes form 26, 24 and 27 only. Online TDS Payment is available to process quarterly TCS/e-TDS statements. online TDS payment status is soon made available after uploading the documents.

Procedure :

  • To make an Online TDS Payment, first step is to register an entity (individual or company) as an organization on the TIN website. The homepage for Online TDS payment site is “”. The registration can be done from a personal workstation or through one of the Online TDS payment centres.
  • Once the registration is filled and submitted successfully, a 12-digit pin will be generated. This pin can be used to check the online TDS payment status of an entity on the Online TDS payment site.
  • To complete the registration process, an amount of 1000/- needs to be submitted by cheque or DD in favor of 'NSDL - TIN'. This is important before one can use the Online TDS payment site.
  • Once the payment is realized, a user can check online TDS payment status through one of the Online TDS payment centres or a personal laptop.

Advantages Of Online TDS Payment :

There are many advantages to tax payers through Online TDS Payment. Some of them are -

  • Online TDS payment centres provide a convenient way to file tax returns from the convenience of one’s laptop.
  • Online TDS payment site is well maintained and easily navigable enabling user to file return easily.
  • Online TDS Payment through Online TDS payment centres is usually fast as the kiosks which serve as Online TDS payment centres are generally customized for accessing Online TDS payment site. 
  • It is easy to check the online TDS payment status once the tax payer has registered on the site. The online TDS payment status is keeps on updating reflecting the current status of user’s application.

 TDS payment online is one of the ways through process to fill Income tax returns is being streamlined. This automated process helps both the government and the user to keep track of the payments and history of returns that have been filed.

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