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LIC Online Payment

About :

LIC online payment is one of the leading companies in providing life insurance cover in India. The company has provided LIC online payment option to its customers. The online service includes different LIC online payment options. LIC online payment calculator is also available.

Payment Options :

LIC online payment offers customers many easy ways to pay insurance premium. Some of the ways through which premium can be paid are

  • Net Banking - This is a LIC online payment service. “NetBanking” is one of the LIC online payment options available under this service.
  • Credit card/Debit Card – This is another LIC online payment service. The LIC online payment options available under this service are Credit card and debit card options.
  • Other LIC Online Payment Options – These include visiting the nearest Axis Bank branch, ECS, Bill payment, ATM, Agents, through franchisees like Suvidha, etc.

The simplest way for users who have Internet facility is to pay the premium online through LIC online payment. Different LIC online payment options available under LIC online payment methods are mentioned in details below.

  • Net Banking – To make the online payment through Net Banking, one can visit company’s website “”, or open the website page “”. One can provide details like policy number, date of birth, etc. and make a payment.
  • Credit card/Debit Card - The method is same as Netbanking facility. Only the payment mode should be selected as “Credit Card/Debit card”.

LIC Online Payment Calculator :

LIC online payment calculator is one useful tool that enables customer to calculate/check the premium before making LIC online payment. Main features of LIC online payment calculator are

  • LIC online payment calculator takes into consideration various factors such as type of policiy, duration, etc. and then determines the premium amount.

Helpline Numbers

In case customer face any problem in making LIC online payment or otherwise, one can

  • Call IVRS (dial 1251)
  • Contact LIC Customer Zones that have been established in various cities. More details are provided on “”.

Customers can visit LIC’s website “” for complete information. LIC online payment calculator is available as “Premium Calculator” link under website ‘s home page.

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