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Vodafone Bill Payment

About Vodafone :

Vodafone Essar started its operations when Hutchison (predecessor) obtained Mumbai license for cell phone in 1994; it belongs to Vodafone group. It operates across India with more than 134.57 million users. By a top daily, Vodafone was declared telecommunication sector’s most respected group for 2010. in terms of revenue, Vodafone is biggest cellular communication group with around 358 million users.

Offline And Online Vodafone Bill Payment Centers Are :

  • Drop Box:- Vodafone bill payment can be made at those drop boxes that are lodged at Vodafone bill payment centers
  • Pay by IVR:- Customer can dial 111 and make Vodafone bill payment using cards
  • Vodafone bill payment Centers:- Various Vodafone stores are owned by Vodafone as Vodafone bill payment centers where customers can pay
  • Quick Bill Pay:- It is an online Vodafone bill payment mode where customer gives standing instructions to Vodafone to debit his bank account against bill; to avail this service, customer needs to fill SI form
  • Payment Pickup: - The franchise representative of Vodafone also act as Vodafone bill payment centers. He approaches customer and collects Vodafone bill payment amount, gives a receipt that bears original hologram
  • ECS: - Its an online Vodafone bill payment which directly debits the bill of customer from his account with bank directly. Customer should fill ECS form and enclose a cancelled cheque before submitting; it is one of convenient Vodafone bill payment centers
  • Kiosk Machine:- This payment system is more like ATM; customer scans his bill at Kiosk device, type required detail and insert cheque to make Vodafone bill payment
  • ITZ card:- It is also Vodafone bill payment online mode; follow the instruction mentioned at card’s back

Vodafone Bill Payment Online :

  • For online Vodafone bill payment, user can register with Vodafone official website
  • Sign in his Vodafone account to make Vodafone bill payment online
  • Select the bill which he wishes to clear by making Vodafone bill payment online
  • Select the online Vodafone bill payment mode
  • When making Vodafone bill payment online using net banking, type bank generated Customer ID and Password; when making online Vodafone bill payment using cards, type card details

Advantages Of Online Payment :

  • Saves money, time
  • Payment receipt on email
  • Eliminates standing in queues
  • Summary of bills on customer’s email

Contact Numbers :

  • From Vodafone Mobile – dial 111 for any service/product inquiry or complaint
  • From Others Phones – dial +91 9839098390

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